Unlimited Income Potential with Ambit Energy

Money grows on trees with Ambit Energy

Are you someone who may be interested in making some extra money and owning your own business?

I would like to ask you three questions:

How many people do you know who use electricity or natural gas?

Do you think they would rather pay less or potentially get it for free?

How would you like to earn a residual income and potentially thousands of dollars in bonuses by referring people to that program?

A while back, I started my own business working with a company called Ambit Energy that is capitalizing on the deregulation of energy. I’m excited about the income possibilities here. I don’t know if this business would make sense for you, but I do know that it is something you should definitely take a look at.

I have a number of ways to present this Opportunity to you…

My personal Websites. Please view one of my websites where you can view the Ambit Opportunity videos:  www.hambit.whyambitworks.com  or www.hambit.energy526.com

Once you take a look at the online video, I would like you to give me (Susan) a call and I’d like to talk to you about it.  Or you can send me an e-mail.  cshambit@cox.net  (Check back for a reply-check your Junk or Spam folder)

You could also attend a live Business Presentation with local and successful
Consultants speaking.

Business Presentations. These weekly business presentations are taking place across our 9 deregulated states and Washington DC. These meetings are great learning and training opportunities if you need a little more information concerning the power of the Ambit Opportunity.  I would be happy to give you some locations near you to attend.

Or I could simply send you an Ambit Energy or Success from Home magazine. 

InBusiness Magazine and DVD. It is an excellent way to demonstrate the credibility of our company. The magazine includes stories from successful Consultants from many different backgrounds. Chances are you will be able to relate to someone in the magazine.

I’m just asking you to take a look at this business opportunity. If you decide that
it’s not for you, I will respect that. However, I hope that you will at least take a look!

If not a Consultant, then be my customer.   If you are not interested in becoming a Consultant, would you just do me a favor and at least get a quote to become my customer. There is no obligation.  We offer up to a 30% savings over other energy providers in either Natural Gas or Electric or both.  We give you the opportunity to get you electricity free every month and give you a vacation package just for signing up.  In addition, we give you travel points every time you pay your bill.

I hope to hear from you, either by calling me (Susan) at (619) 916-8216 to discuss the business or via an e-mail.  cshambit@cox.net

*Please note this website is not the official Ambit Energy website.  I am a Senior Consultant for Ambit Energy, and have created this site to bring you all the latest news about Ambit as it enters into new states, with special emphasis on CA news.

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